Sunday, December 14, 2008

Young Oak Vineyards - Vol. 25: Holiday Greetings From YOV!

Hey, thank you!  We have had over 1000 visits to YOV Blog!  But what to talk about now to keep you coming back!?  Grapevines?  Bees?   Our newly installed energy efficient tank-less/soon to be solar hot-water heater?  Baby goats!?!!

Well, no baby goats yet!  But we have big plans for these guys and very soon.  As soon as the all the leaves have dropped from the grapevines, we are going to let the goats graze in the vineyard to control the weed growth!  They have done an excellent job in their own pasture manicuring the grass.  And without the grape leaves to attract them, we think that they will not bother the dormant, bare grapevines and help trim back the winter growth of weeds.  No more weed wacking, YEAH!  Additionally, we will get a bit of natural fertilizer deposited, thank Big Mac, Ellie & future little crew!

Since it is a presidential year and with  the enormity of electing our first African-American president, I couldn't help but mention that East Bay Congressman George Miller had a lottery of his constituents for a couple of tickets to the Obama's inauguration.  And one of the winners was a UCD wine making student from Vallejo by the name of Jeff Baccus.  I note this as whichever winery hires this young man, they will have a perfect built in marketing campaign:  "Their wine is made by Baccus, the living god of wine!", otherwise known as Jeff!

Well, we will be firing up the old RV for an adventurous trek to the hamlet of Remote, Oregon which is a little town halfway between Roseburg and Coos Bay for an old fashion Christmas Family Reunion!  Let me tell you, Remote is really in a remote part of southern Oregon, where Kristen's brother-in-law's mother has an Inn with cute little woodsy cabins, an RV park and camping facilities.  They primarily cater to hunters, who frequent the local woods for elk, deer & alike, but they let a tree hugger like me visit 'cuz I'm family.

As we sit by the warmth of our fire decorating our Christmas tree and toasting with a bit of eggnog, our whole family is wishing the very best to you this holiday season and hope you have an enjoyable & restful time with family & friends!

Best regards,

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