Saturday, April 11, 2009

Young Oak Vineyards - Volume 32: Tax Write Off Edition!

Hi all:

First of all,  we would like to welcome any new readers who have found our blog through our new listing of local blogs in the
                Palo Alto Weekly

internet website at the bottom of course, listed alphabetically.  You can see what great friends I have by scrolling down towards the bottom of the blog on the right side bar.  Then you can scroll back upwards and see a quick pictorial history of the establishment of our family vineyard.

While the newcomers are doing that, the rest of you are going to have a pop quiz on vocabulary from our previous lesson to see who has been paying attention!

Question #1 - What is the definition of a cordon.
Question #2 - Compare & contrast a spur with a cordon.

"What's that little Johnnie!  You don't remember what a cordon or spur is!  Didn't you pay attention when I explained that last time!  Johnnie, how many times do I have to repeat this information?"

Hey, there are only 40 school days left till summer vacation and boy, as a new teacher, am I ever ready!

Well, we had a wonderful time at YOV's 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt today, with many of our old friends, new friends & neighbors coming by for great Peet's coffee, great Hobbie's coffeecake and great conversations!  Unfortunately, I was a bit under the weather and wasn't up to getting any pictures.  But we did have a dozen youngsters invade the vineyard and find Easter Eggs a plenty.  Well, actually, our two dogs made a pre-emptive strike Thursday night in our family room where we were assembling the Easter Eggs and our losses were considerable!  The dogs are okay and our Egg hunters still had enough chocolate!

But the big story is that things are happening in the vineyard and I don't just mean Easter Egg Huntin'.  Some of the vines are starting to bud & leaf out already.  So, we are excited for another growing season after our winter dormancy!  I hope all is well with you & your families and that you have got your taxes done, ..., or at least filed your extension!

Wishing you well from down in my tax write-off, .... ah, I mean my, .. ah, vineyard!  John

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  1. John - Thanks for stopping by. I stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago and I think I've caught up on reading it. Thanks for cataloging your start up. Its helpful to see how folks do it on the other coast! We enjoyed your neck of the woods too last year. We honeymooned in Sonoma in April 2008.

    Thanks again,

    H.B. Hunter
    Spring Mill Farm
    Concord, VA