Sunday, January 24, 2010

Young Oak Vineyards: Volume 52 - YOV Technical Update!

Hi guys:

Part of writing a blog is learning how to upload photos, videos, music, make website links, etc., making your site interesting, entertaining & "cool". Many others do a much better job than I do, appearing more professional & polished, but I am still learning. Also, when relying on other links for added content, there can a bit of maintenance involved.

For instance, I had been using, a social network for music lovers, where one could create public playlists for the enjoyment of other users and also where I could "embed" songs into my blog from my Imeem's playlist.

Well, that all suddenly changed when MySpace bought Imeem and completely reformatted its function to fit the MySpace format. Overnight, where songs were embedded in my blog, appeared ads for ringtones & links to the music section of MySpace!

So after a little "Googling", I found, where I can now plant my selected music files and embed them back into my blog for your un-interrupted enjoyment. So, please excuse the obnoxious ads in my past blogs, while I clean up the mess left behind by the MySpace-Imeem acquisition!

Well, this gives me something to do while we are being pelted by the numerous rainstorms we are experiencing here in California!

Yours from down in the YOV Computer Center,

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